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   "There is no other compounding software
   package that can touch ExtemPx."
   Larry Frieders, theCompounder Pharmacy www.theCompounder.com

                   EXTEMPoraneous Prescription (Px) Compounding

World Class Compounding Pharmacy Software
ExtemPx: From its initial inception in 1997, designing by compounding pharmacists, professional development and real-world testing for almost a year -- to the filling of literally thousands of prescriptions in pharmacies around the world.  Take the ExtemPx Tour, then download the Demo to see for yourself why ExtemPx has proven to be the finest (and most often imitated) application of its kind.

Loaded with Features...
From filling Rx's to doing a mail merge, ExtemPx has all the features you need - without confusing fluff.  Need support for animal patients?  It's there.  Would you like to print mailing labels, send reports and labels to different printers or hook up to the network?  It's all there and more.  In fact, ExtemPx 6.1 represents almost 5 years of added functionality and refinements suggested by our colleagues.

... Easy to Use...
Need to add a new formula to your database?  One click and you're there.  Updating your formula inventory?  Want to check a chemical ingredient?  One click.  Reports?  Help? Options and Settings?  One click and you're there.  In fact, almost all of the ExtemPx functions are at your fingertips and the interface is so intuitive that most users are comfortable with the program in just a few hours.

AppDC has NEVER offered "training classes" because ExtemPx is so easy to use.  We suggest you be cautious of anyone who would CHARGE you for "training classes" to teach you how to use software that you PAID FOR but can't figure out how to use just so you can PAY FOR support from people who can't help you but will refer you to somebody who won't call you back.

... and a Great Value
The ExtemPx database is pre-loaded with almost 2000 chemicals.  A copy of The Formulizer, IJPC's compendium of over 500 formulas is also included*.  Formulizer formulas can be imported directly into the ExtemPx database. Support is toll-free 24/7 and always FREE*.  Other options are available such as a QuickBooks accounting plug-in, On Line insurance billing and a Microsoft SQL Server database.  Program updates are automatic via the internet and the Technology Guarantee Program (TGP) guarantees regular database updates and FREE software updates so you always have the latest ExtemPx version. 

OK, but will it feed my goldfish?
AppDC has always had two main design goals for ExtemPx:  Make the program easy to use.  And make it dependable.  Our philosophy is to concentrate on intuitiveness, consistency and robustness.  We avoid what we call "fluff" - unnecessary program "features" that stray from the simple goal of filling Rx's easily and dependably.   ExtemPx won't feed your goldfish, but we can promise that you WILL be using the program confidently in a matter of hours.  See the FAQ page to see our most frequently asked questions.

Take ExtemPx for a Test Ride
Take the ExtemPx Tour to see the main program features and then download a Demo today.

Feature List - Short Version:
If you don't see a feature you are interested in, don't despair.  It's probably part of ExtemPx anyway.  We welcome your calls if you have any questions so go ahead and contact us.  For a detailed view of all the ExtemPx features you can look at the Help File also (choose 'Open" if prompted).  See the Orders page to see technical requirement details, available options and pricing.


User Interface
  intuitive & easy to use
  color coded & consistent
  expanded searching
  context sensitive help
  infinite users
  real-time data update
  top performance
  Microsoft product integration
  'Open' (use Excel, Word, etc.)
  Developed with Microsoft tools
  World-Class software developers
  dedicated development company
  pharmacist designed & tested

For a detailed view of all the ExtemPx features take a look at
the Help File (choose 'Open" if prompted).

  Patient Advisory Leaflets
  patient Profile
  vet/animal support
  partial & 'hold' Rx's
  calculates Costs & Prices
  infinite ingredients
  inventory support
  importing & exporting
  expanded searching
  auto lot number
  formula ingredient calculator
  FREE* IJPC Formulizer
Chemicals & Devices
  2000 ingredients included
  Search, edit, add new
  Gallipot catalog included
  full inventory control
  over 40 built-in reports
  Report Designer
  Label Designer
  Mail Merge
  24/7 toll-free FREE* support
  LiveUpdate* via internet
  context sensitive help
  on-line documentation
  training seminars
Minimum Requirements
  133MHz processor
  Windows 98 (SE recommended)
  MS Internet Explorer 5.x
  Internet connection
  50MB disk space
  64MB RAM
Recommended System
  1.5GHz or better processor
  Windows XP Professional
  MS Internet Explorer 6.x
  Fast Internet (DSL or Cable)
  100MB disk space
  256MB RAM or better


And much more...


* see order page for more details


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