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Q.  How much does ExtemPx cost?
A.  ExtemPx pricing can be found on the 'Orders" page.  Click the 'Orders' link on the ExtemPx page (left margin).  Check out any "Special Deals" that may be in effect as well.

Q.  I've seen the ExtemPx pricing - what's the catch?
A.  There is none.  If you are in Florida we do charge sales tax.

Q.  I'm looking at some other compounding programs.  Why should I buy ExtemPx?
A.  Lots of reasons.
  First of all, AppDC is software company.  This means that we produce and support our own software - and we're the only ones that can say this.
  Other "software companies" use outside (contract) programming sources resulting in different programmers working with someone else's code to hobble together a finished program.  Supporting these programs is a nightmare since no one at the "company" has intimate knowledge of the inner workings.
  At other "software companies" non-programmers (hobbyists) piece together a program in their spare time.  Good luck getting support for a program that, by its very nature, is amateur and bug filled.  The "programmer" may be busy at his "real job" and you may have a long wait for a return call.

Q.  OK but the other programs seem to work fine.  What's the big deal?
A.  Dig a little deeper and WORK with the software for any length of time and you'll know.  At AppDC we are professional programmers and software design architects.  We know about User Interface design and Optimal Coding techniques and Best Practices.  You may not know about this stuff but neither do the other "software companies".
  What's more, those claiming to be "professional" programmers still get it wrong - even after stealing design ideas from AppDC products.  At AppDC we have adopted a philosophy of "User Driven Interface Design".  Our programmers build software based on the way YOU work - not based on the way THEY think you should.  This is not always popular with programmers and this design philosophy is rare in the software industry.  Software is notoriously (and needlessly) difficult to use because software engineers typically also make user interface design decisions.

Q.  Why is all the technical stuff so important?
A.  If computer technical stuff puts you to sleep faster than a warm glass of milk after a turkey dinner you are in the majority.  We care about the tech stuff so that you don't have to worry about it.
  AppDC is a "Microsoft Only Shop" which means that we ONLY use MS development tools - not because we love MS, but because the Windows operating system is a Microsoft product.  It all works together.
  The internal architecture is "coded" correctly which means that ExtemPx is built for maximum stability and speed.  You don't need to worry about memory conflicts (crashes), code optimized for speed, or the use of database stored procedures and triggers to ensure data integrity.
  ExtemPx is "extensible" which means we can expand and modify the program quickly without much coding work.  Our "Outback" modifications took less than two weeks - including testing - and if you need a fix, chances are it can be available in a matter of hours
  ExtemPx uses an "open architecture" which means you can (if you want to) hook into the database for your own purposes (reporting, accounting, etc.).  By contrast, it took one of our programmers almost NINE months to develop a reliable data migration program against a competitors database.  The competitors database is a nightmare of unbelievably bad design - forget about hooking into it for any purpose.

Q.  Ok, I'm convinced - but I know you have more to say about ExtemPx.
A.  We could go on forever. 
  ExtemPx was (and still is) designed by those that use the software and the "coding" is done by professionals.  AppDC is a dedicated software company - we don't code part-time as a hobby and we don't own factories or pharmacies and we don't sell refrigerators or bulk chemicals.  We know our software.
  We have ALWAYS offered 24/7 support because ExtemPx is so stable that we KNOW we will get few support calls.  If you do call for support, you will ALWAYS talk to a live person who knows what they are talking about. 
  We won't sell you something you don't need.  For example, a "server-based" database makes no sense on a single computer installation (unless you like to swat a fly with a baseball bat). 
  AppDC has NEVER offered "training classes" because ExtemPx is so easy to use. 

   We feel the ultimate irony would be to CHARGE you for "training classes" so you can figure out how to use software that you PAID FOR but can't figure out how to use - so that you can PAY FOR support from people who can't help you...

We are proud of ExtemPx and encourage you to call us if you have any questions.


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